Child Birth vs. IVF – What Are People Saying?

Child birth is a natural process. Doctors and people do not have mostly any control over that. It is a process of nature of constructing the race of human. But nature is mysterious and nature did not give this present to everyone.

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People who are naturally fertile are very lucky. But there are millions of people in this world who have several problems with the reproduction system. Some people are naturally well fertile and some people are infertile.

The infertile people did not have babies before and they had a great pain in them until their death. But now infertile people can easily get children. Yet it is expensive.

Fostering children is another thing. People may take foster children to their home and rear them with real care and nurture them with love, some people still think they have the dream of having a child on their own.

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The people of having dream of their own baby need medical care and doctor’s prescription. But some couples cannot have a baby even after lots of medical guidance and other things. So they live unhappily and at last die with the heavy heart.

This scenario is all over the world. This is not a hard thing to find. The infertile people are many in numbers. And this is a very common phenomenon all over the world. To get rid of this problem, people go onto the different doctors to get suggestions. But all are not lucky enough to be cured and have a baby after that medical nurture. So people who want a baby desperately should try new things.

One cannot be able to take a baby but it is possible to take a baby in a womb which is able to do so. And doctors set the baby up in the surrogate womb.

And they match the baby in different types. In the surrogacy process, the doctors play a vital role. They match up the sperm and egg in a process and set that up in the uterus and then, it that goes well and the quality of sperm and egg is good in nature, then the surrogate will be pregnant and then the baby will grow up. But not always the embryo will grow up because the sperm and the egg may not match with the womb. So luck is another factor here too.

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